Domestic Investigations

Domestic Investigation is a term defined by many conventional private investigators as simply pertaining to individuals with personal problems involving a partner or spouse. However there is nothing simple about betrayal of trust in a relationship, as anyone who has been the victim of such a painful and destructive experience can attest. DBIs clients that encounter these issues rest assured that, in addition to accurately providing the truth, our company comprehends and appreciates the highly sensitive and private nature of this kind of investigation and therefore is deeply committed to respecting and preserving their privacy.

Non-compete and Breach of Contract Investigations

Many companies are normally reluctant to enforce their non-compete agreements as a result of a lack of evidence which the exiting employee has violated or intends to breach a non-compete contract. DBI has gained the trust and confidence of its clients, ranging from owners of small businesses to large companies, by effectively gaining the evidence required to prosecute those employees who have violated such agreements.

Difficult Service of Process Investigations

Our clients often call upon us to find and serve evasive persons which often include CEOs, politicians, entertainers, and other high-profile public individuals. DBI utilizes creative strategies to solve the most difficult and complex cases, allowing us to locate and manage the subject and successfully execute our mission.

Child Custody Investigators

Our company assists our private clients and public courts in identifying parental neglect and unfit parents through covert surveillance techniques. DBI tracks visitations, determines whether substance abuse is involved, monitors the suspected parent's social patterns, and we're always prepared to step in and take control of a situation if a child's safety in question.

Counter Surveillance Investigations

Counter surveillance is a service our company provides to our clients who believe that they themselves are being watched or monitored by people such as an unwanted pursuer, by their company's competitors who are trying to collect data on their work or whereabouts, by a domestic partner who is targeting them in order to gather information that can be used in their divorce case, etc. Once we have determined that the client's activities are being monitored, we then accurately and discreetly identify the end source of the surveillance and their true motives.

Undercover and Sensitive Operations Investigations

Undercover operations have been shown to be one of the most reliable and useful methods of investigation in fighting violations by workers, competitors, business partners, extortionists, and others. DBI uses creative and effective solutions in all covert operations, which, based on our company's track record, have been vital in the process of obtaining crucial intelligence that would otherwise not be attainable.

Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Fraud Investigations

The success of any Personal Injury or Worker's Compensation Fraud investigation starts with the investigator's knowledge and experience in surveillance assignments. DBI holds a staff of highly qualified professional investigators who are committed to always producing results that accurately uncover fraudulent claims.