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De Becker Investigations is a Las Vegas Private Investigator firm known for three things above all else: Surveillance Investigations, Confidentiality, and Effectiveness. The firm has established and refined the niche service of high-stakes surveillance. By committing to this one specialized expertise, De Becker Investigations has become Nevada’s leader in high-stakes surveillance investigations. It was founded in Las Vegas, has extensive resources in Las Vegas, and is licensed by the State of Nevada, Office of the Attorney General, and the Private Investigators Licensing Board.

De Becker Investigations does not name clients, or even confirm the identity of clients, however some clients themselves have spoken publicly about our work through Court testimony and media statements. We encourage new clients to fully assess and evaluate our firm. To assist in this process, we’ve added a page to our website containing testimonials, and have included a few links to news stories along with our private investigator services that highlight our work. Once you have gained confidence in our firm, we commit to re-earn that confidence every day.

Our firm’s clientele continues to grow worldwide due in large part to De Becker Investigations’ loyalty and lifetime commitment to protecting and maintaining the privacy of its clients, most of whom have remained with the firm since its inception. The preservation of our clients’ confidentiality is without question our number one priority.

There are many private investigators that will accept an assignment, only to pass it on to a subcontract investigator. De Becker Investigations has never subcontracted their work and never will. Our firm is a surveillance-specialized agency whose investigators have successfully completed an exclusive training program designed specifically for surveillance operations.