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De Becker Investigations is a unique Las Vegas Private Investigator firm providing a wide range of surveillance investigations. Our field investigators are trained exclusively in the art of surveillance, ensuring consistent results with each and every investigative assignment we undertake.

DBI’s extremely high rate of success is based upon thoroughly understanding our clients goals and then customizing each case to their needs and requirements, while always maintaining absolute discretion and confidentiality. Click on each title below for a description of services.


Domestic Investigations

Domestic Investigation is a term defined by many conventional private investigators as simply having to do with individuals with personal issues involving a spouse. There is nothing simple about betrayal of trust in a relationship, as anyone who has been the victim of that painful and destructive experience can attest.  DBIs clients facing these challenges can be assured that, aside from accurately providing the truth, our firm understands and appreciates the sensitive and personal nature of this type of investigation and is committed to respecting and preserving their privacy. Click the link to learn more about Domestic Investigations.


Non-Compete/Breach of Contract Investigations

Most companies are often reluctant to enforce their non-compete agreements due to the lack of proof that the departing employee has breached or intends to breach a non-compete contract. DBI has earned the trust and confidence of its clients, ranging from small-business owners to large corporations, by effectively gaining the evidence required to prosecute those employees who have violated such agreements. Click the link to learn more about Non Compete and Breach of Contract Investigations.


Difficult Service of Process

Our clients frequently call upon us to locate and serve evasive individuals that often include CEOs, politicians, entertainers, and other high-profile public figures. DBI applies creative techniques to overcome the most challenging and complex conditions, allowing us to make contact with the subject and successfully effectuate service. Click the link to learn more about Difficult Service Of Process.


Child Custody and Parental Neglect Investigations

Our firm assists our clients and the courts in identifying parental neglect and unfit parents through covert surveillance operations. DBI monitors visitations, determines if substance abuse exists, documents the parents social habits, and we are always prepared to intervene if a child’s safety is endangered. Click the link to learn more about Parental Neglect Investigations.

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance is a service our firm offers to clients who suspect that they themselves are under surveillance by persons such as an unwanted pursuer, by their companies competitors who want to gather information on their activities, by a spouse who is targeting them in an attempt to obtain evidence that can be used in their divorce proceedings, etc. Once we have ascertained that the clients activities are being monitored, we then accurately and discreetly identify the source and its motives. Click the link to learn more about Counter Surveillance.

Undercover and Sensitive Operations

Undercover operations have proven to be one of the most reliable and useful methods of investigation in combating violations by employees, competitors, business associates, extortionists, and others. DBI implements creative strategies to all covert operations, which, based on our firms track record, have been key to obtaining crucial information that would otherwise be unattainable. Click the link to learn more about Undercover and Sensitive Operations.

Personal Injury/worker’s Compensation Fraud

The success of any Personal Injury or Workers Compensation Fraud investigation begins with the investigators knowledge and experience in surveillance operations. DBI maintains a staff of highly qualified investigators that are committed to consistently providing results that accurately identify fraudulent claims. Click the link to learn more about Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations.