Counter Surveillance

De Becker Investigations know that the expression, “it takes one to know one” is definitely true in the undercover business world. For anyone that may be at risk for being investigated, our team can determine whether or not your suspicions are true. Many high-level CEOs take advantage of this service, as they are aware that, by the very nature of their job and their businesses intelligence, they are potential victims of a variety of infiltration attempts for many different reasons from many companies/persons.

Sometimes it begins with suspicion, other times whistle-blowers tip them off – whatever the case may be, our clients choose to hire DBI because of our unblemished track record of using counter surveillance to keep personal and corporate information sealed, confidential, and, most importantly, protected. Not many investigative companies offer the counter surveillance services that we are proud to provide at De Becker Investigations. The reason for this speaks volumes about other so-called investigation services – it results from a lack of confidence in their skills to deliver the best, most useful results. It also shows a sense of intimidation on their part, as not providing any solid evidence for clients in counter surveillance makes their competitors – companies such as DBI – appear to be a more skilled, talented, discrete, and task-oriented company. The truth is, we here at DBI are not only great at undercover investigations, but also recognizing them and tracking them from other companies. We are simply more advanced with our resources, experience, connections, and abilities. In fact, many agencies are surely reluctant to offer such services for the fear of not being able to infiltrate our other investigative services, thus embarrassing themselves and letting their clients down at the same time.

At DBI we are as skilled at covering up any traces of our operations as we are at gaining information as well. Through our implementation of counter surveillance techniques, we have had the good fortune of applying the skills we know to track other investigations and use that as a model for improving our own surveillance skills. We know what mistakes other companies make in their efforts, therefore we have the advantage of avoiding these mistakes that we catch other companies and freelancers making during our counter surveillance. Simply offering the best investigative services for a variety of specific clients puts us at the advantage of knowing how surveillance operates most effectively in different situations. For example, a company non-compete investigation is entirely different from an infidelity investigation – in virtually every way imaginable. This means that we are able to approach a counter surveillance mission from a, “what would we do?” perspective. As most private investigators not only get sloppy, but also never suspect that they, in fact, are the subjects of an investigation, this makes it possible to easily trace an investigation through DBI counter surveillance. Simply put, based on the specifics of our counter surveillance clients, we know where our investigative counterparts are likely to work and the methods they will try to employ. Often, this can lead DBI and our clients to work together and set up fictional situations that serve as bait, thereby exposing the efforts of other agencies. De Becker Investigations, without question, is the leading agency for investigating not only specific people, but also other investigative operations as well. In the game of “Spy vs. Spy”, DBI will always win.