Non-Compete/Breach Of Contract Investigations

In the modern corporate world, competition and greed are always going to be a potential problem for businesses – especially high-level employees that may have valuable, yet classified, information which competitors want. Sometimes these competitors not only go after your client base and businesses contacts, but also your employees that may have information that could help build their assets, while attempting to destroy everyone else who may be a threat. De Becker Investigations staff are very familiar with this unfortunate lack of company loyalty. Apparently, for some of companies and employees, the idea of all actions being fair and justifiable– a blanket idea that is often applied to love or war – also transcends into the free-market. This can be especially damaging for companies that rely on the security of their company documents, clients, strategies, etc. in order to maintain a self-sufficient enterprise. There are always ways to keep these important facets of business private – document shredding, deletion of software and computer files – but aside from a contractual agreement in writing, there are very few options to keep the lips of your most knowledgeable employees shut. Competitors know that it can be difficult to provide proof for breaches of non-compete contractual agreements, which is why they are so active in their attempts to intercept information from your employees themselves. Often, the temptation of brides or a new job offer can be a morality test that many highly informed and important employees will fail miserably.

At DBI we have realized that there is one common motivating factor that practically all non-compete contract agreement violations share: Money. We know that money is what makes the business world go round, and have also realized that money is also what negates the decision making process (over morality, loyalty, etc.) for greedy employees that are not just willing, but sometimes even enthusiastic to disclose confidential information in the name of a dollar. For potentially costly and untrustworthy employees that may have an exit strategy prepared to leverage themselves into a new company or position, DBI can provide the covert and confidential expertise to identify such persons before they cost your company money, clients, and even worse – your secrets of success.

In order to catch these high-level employees before they negatively compromise your company’s success, DBI uses sophisticated technology and strategic methods to make a clear case that supports a breach of their non-compete contracts. We routinely conduct such investigations within the Las Vegas Convention Center and many other high-end hotels, restaurants, lounges, golf courses – you name it. DBI will cater to your specific needs to give you the evidence needed to prosecute such treasonous workers. Posing as agents, CEOs, competitive company recruiters, investors, and even founders; DBI are very successful at squeezing every last drop of incriminating evidence against contract violators. Chances are, without your own disclosure, such employees may not even know where they slipped up until their self-incriminating statements are being presented directly in front them – as well as a judge and jury panel.

We, at De Becker Investigations, are experienced masters of corporate disguise. Rather than take a chance, or give a suspicious employee the benefit of the doubt, we suggest utilizing our investigative services for non-compete contract violations before your company suffers any impact. Many businesses are reluctant to use investigative services for these purposes, assuming that collecting necessary evidence is too difficult in a technology driven society. While true, many new technologies make these crimes easier to hide, DBI uses counteractive technology to work in your favor – not to mention the experience to build imaginary rapport with your employees. Perhaps, after one too many martinis at the country club, intoxicated slips of the tongue provide the self-incriminating evidence to us in a friendly conversation that DBI investigators are skillful at manipulating. De Becker Investigations take these breaches of contract very seriously and handle each case with the utmost care in maintaining professionalism, sensitivity, and discretion – always going the extra mile (or playing the extra round of golf) to achieve results that matter for our clients.