Child Custody And Parental Neglect Investigation

At De Becker Investigations Inc. we realize the importance of having a healthy, safe, and functional family structure for children. Unfortunately, the traditional values and morals that were once the basic foundation of the family unit are quickly becoming a thing of the past. At DBI, we realize that the greatest and most important part of parenthood is to ensure the well being of the children. We also make a point to emphasize that the term “well being” encompasses many facets of raising children that include, but are certainly not limited to: safety, adequate nutrition, proper boundaries, sanitary living conditions, and an adequate amount of personal attention and engagement in the child’s lives in both specific and general contexts – such as having important safeguards such as working smoke detectors or helping with a child’s homework assignments. Naturally, these are all obvious things that should be incorporated into any family unit, and can even be considered common sense logic. Sadly, it has become far too common for one, and sometimes both, parents to fail in establishing an environment that facilitates the well-being of their children. Rather, conversely, through our extensive experience in parental neglect and child custody investigations DBI has found many of the aforementioned barriers to such well being are not only common in many households, but even reinforced through a multitude of bad decisions and outright neglect. DBI is committed to promoting and helping the enforcement of not only legal issues, such as child custody, but also the most basic roles and responsibilities that many parents neglect – where the victims are the innocent children, infants, and babies. However, parent responsibilities can quickly fall into the realm of negligence, once either parent has exhibited an incident or pattern of unsafe or destructive behavior.

In depth surveillance provides detailed information about a parents level of engagement and responsibility. Virtually any variety of child neglect or abuse can be proven and demonstrated to the satisfaction of courts through detailed investigation. Such cases may take special time and resources that are simply not possible for an insider to access. DBI has the resources to discover evidence to help receive unpaid child support – providing a record of a person’s spending habits and material possessions can refute claims for inability to pay. An uncovered receipts for a high-end car stereo shows a blatant lack of neglect for taking care of one’s financial responsibilities to their own offspring. Such evidence is a small example of the depth in which DBI’s undercover capabilities reach. Simply unfit parents, whose presence actually has a negative impact on their children’s live(s) somehow manage to fool the justice system. Many of these cases in which a particular parent certainly does no deserve custody can be demonstrated to be unfit through a detailed, journalistic, summation of their activities within the house and outside the house. Time and effort are used to show a the real picture in the courtroom – far beyond the details that police or even CPS can uncover. DBI’s undercover operations consistently work with the goal of removing unfit parents from homes, and to save the children from the misery of neglect and abuse that no child should ever have to endure. Children need positive role-models, and unfortunately far too many children are raised without anyone to support their well being. DBI is able to provide these children the voice, even in court, that they otherwise would never have.