Personal Injury/Worker’s Compensation Fraud

Businesses can suffer great financial loss in the name of fraudulent workers compensation claims. Commonly disguised as everlasting discomforts from prior accidents perhaps, but the ease in obtaining money for nothing temps many to abuse the system. In order to catch individuals who make false claims for compensation experience and resources are necessary. De Becker Investigations has high-tech, advanced techniques to unmask false claims and can save companies victim of the fraud can seek justice and/or restitution.

The costs to corporations and businesses for compensation of fraudulent or exaggerated claims of injury can be much substantial. Insurance policies and rates for businesses, especially within sectors of the workplace that are deemed to have a high potential risk factor for employees, are much higher than for businesses that do not face the same potential liabilities. For this reason, any fraudulent compensation claims not only pose a financial strain on employers for specific cases on an individual basis, but a ripple effect may also place an artificially inflated sense of risk and safety, giving insurance companies the leverage to consider higher rates for businesses based on false data. With that said, insurance policies that employers may offer their workers may reflect the result of the aforementioned falsified risks. It is not only the companies themselves that are affected by fraudulent claims or compensation The average employee may suffer from limited coverage due to the inflated costs on the employer. The investigative efforts of DBI can help provide businesses from becoming victims from deceitful employees. Through extensive surveillance, research and examination of conditions, and a realistic review of risk factors in the workplace, DBI can provide businesses with evidence of inflation of perceived risks. This helps companies make educated decisions on which insurance companies to work with based on their specific needs, potentially improving the quality of the policies that they can offer employees. This results in a lower cost for businesses and allows them to provide the best fringe benefits for workers.

The financial losses that can be accounted for through the detection of false claims or abuse of the system are often staggering amounts of money. Lost finances can be retrieved – and then redistributed appropriately- for businesses that use DBI’s services. We are able to eliminate the potential for fraudulent activity to thrive in the workplace, and also weaken the temptation to make such claims for employees. A single anecdotal case in which an employee has abused the system, and in turn suffered the legal repercussions of such fraud can make a lasting impression of all other employees – making a single investigative success expand into the mindset of an entire worker population.

De Becker Investigations take each case with great professionalism and care. The level of undercover surveillance allows our team to remain unsuspicious – with subjects of investigation never knowing that an investigation ever happened. We build strong, powerful cases that hold up with courts and as well as help companies defend themselves. The fact remains, there will always be employees willing to fake an injury or exaggerate symptoms if financial support without actual work is an option to them. Aside from ethical reasons, the consequences this can have for businesses is nothing to ignore. De Becker Investigations have your company’s interests at the forefront of each investigative case. Attention to detail and experience make DBI an important business decision for any company or business that suspects fraud is occurring on their dime. If fraud is, in fact, occurring, DBI will provide the proof needed to proceed with legal action and obtain justice for our clients.