Undercover And Sensitive Operations

De Becker Investigations Inc. offers our clients the most reliable and informative services in the private investigation industry. We pride ourselves in our track record, reputation, and repeat business. Many of our clients work in fields that need information that is difficult to obtain on a daily basis. Through our extensive efforts and resources, DBI is able to provide such information through a limitless spectrum of creative problem solving solutions.

For many of our clients, undercover operations must not only be effective, but performed in very professional manner – with respect to the sensitivity of the people and information involved. Many clients work within the political lobbyist field, and may not be able to gather the information they need due to their reputation and professional alliances. This is just one example of many. The fact is, many of our clients need access to information, while staying in the shadows. Celebrities, public officials, government employees, etc., are just a small sample of the huge demographical variety of clients that must have cases handled both securely and sensitively./p>

What puts DBI ahead of other companies is our ability to work without being seen. The work behind closed doors will brainstorm, develop a game plan, scout locations, create time schedules, etc. – and once a detailed, specific arrangement is established the work in the field begins. This is the point in the case in which we are invisible. Subjects of DBI undercover operations never realize that a covert operation ever took place. With extensive background in surveillance operations – which constantly improve through repeated success and practice – DBI is the expert at being able to see and/or hear anything at our clients’ request, without being exposed in any way. We are aware of the proper ways to handle sensitive issues, clients, and information – a skill that is only acquired through practice and continuously bringing great results to our most important client: you. That is to say, although DBI does, in fact, routinely work among high-profile clients and many well-known and successful people. These clients are just as important as a worried young woman whose ex-boyfriend is stalking her. We refuse to put any client on a pedestal; simply put, no client takes precedence over another. De Becker Investigations gives each client the same attention to detail no matter how subjectively significant the particular case may be. For us, the same approach and care will be used for the worried parent suspecting drug use as the CEO of the most notable casino in Las Vegas.

Our ability to branch out and take cases for people of all classes and backgrounds not only provides a limitless population of potential clients, but also gives DBI the advantage of developing specific skills that may fit certain demographics and their needs. This is why De Becker Investigations has such a large client base – we handle undercover operations with the sensitivity of secret service agents. Unlike the secret service however, our operations in undercover surveillance are not limited to any specific group. As a client, all that is needed to make use of our huge variety of services is a problem acquiring information – this is exactly what we are able to do for any client and any situation – a promise that other agencies simply cannot make, DBI is proud to assure.