Difficult Service Of Process

Often, due to the very nature of an individual’s personal and/or professional life, steps are taken to create a sense of privacy and personal security. De Becker Investigations are familiar with the techniques that individuals may use in an attempt to remain “under the radar”. However, at DBI we have the know-how and technological advantages that enable us to get within the metaphorical radar and infiltrate subjects that may be more secretive than the average person. Such subjects, in our experience, tend to be over-confident in their own elusive lifestyle, which, inadvertently to them, makes them susceptible to our discrete techniques of investigation. Simply put, overconfidence becomes a weakness; one in which DBI is quick to recognize, and thus, take full advantage of the opportunity that such weakness provides us. Infiltration of highly private or protected subjects is a skill that other investigation companies try and avoid. Here at DBI, we not only provide such service with pride, but also with confidence in our abilities to bring results that other providers simply cannot. Whereas our competitors shy away from challenges, DBI welcomes such cases with open arms and closed lips. These more difficult and/or involved cases are not just another job to complete for a client, but also provide the essence of how our highly evolved techniques and strategies are formed and manipulated in an individual case-by-case basis.

DBI did not become the best provider of investigative services by backing away from difficult cases. To the contrary, rather – such cases, and the subjects that they are based upon, have provided DBI the unique experience that can only be gained through implementation and action. There is no textbook to read, or class to take that can match the density of knowledge and gained experience that high profile and so-called “difficult” cases in the field provide. Given that DBI was established through the cumulative experience of the best investigators of the past, and continue to work towards maintaining and expanding such credibility, we not only have fancy technology and gadgets – we have a historical legacy that we continue to back up with each and every case.

There are many things that put DBI in a league of our own in the private investigation business. A combination of many things such as the best technology, resources, associates, employees, techniques, and experience in the industry make our service without question the first choice for selective clients that need to gather information about the more challenging and even dangerous subjects. The potential for danger can come in many forms, and our staff at DBI is prepared to handle any situation – much like a secret service agent for a political figure. For situations that may be risky, such as a ransom or hostage situations, DBI knows the ropes to navigate such difficult terrain with both safety and results in mind. There is no standard rule for such cases, and the planning and implementation are always customized to account for the most specific and minute details. We bring the quality of service without any limitations regarding who can utilize our services. The best quality for all customers has been our key to success, along with results that stand out – consistently leaving any competition behind in the wake of our accomplishments and satisfied clients.