• I am extremely pleased with the work by Hal and everyone at De Becker Investigations. Hal and his team were assigned to locate someone who had committed a crime against me. They were not only able to find him quickly but also when he fled they were able to locate him in a different state. During the investigation, Hal sent me daily detailed reports and would involve me in every new plan of action. With Hal’s help I was able to build an extensive evidence file to take to the FBI and the person has since been arrested. Thanks Hal!

    Brian Valentine
    Senior Vice President at Amazon.com
  • De Becker Investigations provides timely, cost-effective, and superlative professional services performed with the utmost discretion.

    James J. Jimmerson
    Attorney at Law – Las Vegas, NV
  • Selecting a private investigator can be a daunting task. Similar skill sets and attributes are often utilized when choosing a physician or an attorney. Professional competence, experience and stellar results are essential.

    An exceptional investigator must balance expertise with a sense of compassion and integrity. De Becker Investigations is such an organization. I have known Hal de Becker, III for many years.

    He embodies the unfettered commitment of obligation and responsibility providing extraordinary results with comfort and support. On each and every occasion his services have been sought, whether for simple or complex matters, he has responded professionally, creatively and expeditiously. It is with the utmost of confidence that I recommend him.

    Dr. Laurence Reich
    Los Angeles, CA and Honolulu, HI
  • My clients and I extend our greatest appreciation to De Becker Investigations for the thoroughly professional and efficient manner in which they conducted their investigation of those individuals who were involved in the illegal activities which victimized the clients’ interests. Were it not for the expeditious manner in which they secured the “smoking gun” evidence, the case would have carried on much longer with the attendant cost of tens of thousands of dollars in additional litigation expense.

    Donald J. Campbell, Esq., Campbell & Williams
    Las Vegas, NV
  • De Becker Investigations brought to light the “truth” in a very sensitive and confidential internal matter affecting my company. It was handled expeditiously, professionally and with the utmost in confidentiality. The end result exceeded my expectations.

    Frank P. Gatski
    President/CEO, Gatski Commercial Real Estate Services – Las Vegas, NV
  • I had a very hard-to-serve defendant. I was chasing this guy for more than a year. Process server after process server failed. Mr. de Becker and his investigative team approached it as a mission they would not abandon. He managed to locate a very hard to find guy, staked out his location for over 10 hours, and pounced on him when the moment was right. The bill was extremely reasonable, and his work made all the difference in my case. He was creative, thorough, and communicated with me constantly. I would recommend him without reservation.

    Marc J. Randazza
    Attorney at Law – San Diego, CA
  • I was introduced to Hal de Becker by a client that had independently hired De Becker Investigations. The case was all encompassing to include covert investigation and operations, surveillance, and witness interviews. Hal and his staff completed all tasks with the utmost confidentiality and expediency allowing us to “fly under the radar”. To say the case was a complete success is an understatement. I have continued to use De Becker Investigations since that time and have always had the same experience. De Becker Investigations professionalism and skills far surpassed any investigative service I have utilized.

    John Spilotro
    Attorney at Law – Las Vegas, NV
  • We were faced with a sensitive and difficult situation that required tact, intelligence and confidentiality. De Becker Investigations not only met these requirements above and beyond our expectations, but it was also their professionalism and experience that provided us with the trust and confidence we needed.

    The Whalen Group
    Las Vegas, NV
  • I have been associated with Hal De Becker for over seven years. During that time he has worked with my company on many cases where sensitive investigations were involved. His professionalism and expertise has proven him to be a valuable asset to our company. Hal’s knowledge and experience that he brings to the table have made him our first and ONLY choice for investigative services.

    Dennis Kirkpatrick
    Exclusive Protection, Inc. – Las Vegas, NV
  • I first started using De Becker Investigations in my divorce and custody cases after they were used, and used incredibly effectively, by my opponent in a hotly contested child custody case. It was then that I realized how effective the use of a top notch private investigator could be. Prior to meeting Hal De Becker, I had only used private investigators occasionally because I never experienced useful results. After seeing what Hal’s considerable skills and experience could do against me, I have used him incredibly effectively in many of my cases. My firm uses Hal De Becker exclusively. I have won many crucial issues based upon the evidence he has obtained for my clients. I have proudly referred him to many of my friends and colleagues.

    John D. Jones, Esq., Black & LoBello
    Attorneys at Law – Las Vegas, NV
  • Over the past eight years, De Becker Investigations has done extensive investigative and surveillance work for us in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. We have found Hal, his staff and entire organization to be extremely professional and responsive to our needs. Our clients are almost exclusively Fortune 100 companies and high net worth individuals who expect and demand the best. Many times the issues are very sensitive and require complete confidentiality. We have never been disappointed with the work product and outcomes from Hal de Becker and his company.

    Thomas D. Elfmont
    CEO, Thomas Dale & Associates – El Segundo, CA
  • We have used De Becker Investigations over the years and chose to continue to use their services due to their consistent professional results. Their updates and final reports are always professional and they strictly maintain a high level of confidentiality. I would recommend De Becker Investigations to anyone who may need a professional and trustworthy service.

    Edmund Mahon
    Vice President of Corporate Safety & Security, North America & Caribbean, Diamond Resorts International
  • When a client needs to document the facts to prove their case, De Becker Investigations never fails to provide thorough, accurate information in a timely and professional manner.

    Michele LoBello
    Esq., Black & LoBello, Attorneys at Law – Las Vegas, NV
  • We have relied on Hal de Becker and his team to perform some very sensitive investigative work in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and have been more than satisfied with the quality, timeliness and completeness of their work product. I would not hesitate to recommend or refer Nevada investigative work to De Becker Invesigations.

    Ed Sorensen & Julie Sankowski
    Aramor Agency – San Diego, CA