High-roller swears he was drugged at Vegas blackjack table, offers $1 million for proof

USA Today

May 10, 2024 at 7:15 p.m. EST
By Jonathan Limehouse

Read the full article here: https://USATODAY.com – A Southern California real estate developer bought 14 billboards in Vegas offering a $1 million reward for info on who drugged him at an MGM Grand blackjack table in 2021.

Las Vegas residents may have recently spotted red and yellow billboards offering a $1 million reward for information regarding a drugging at MGM Grand on Dec. 10, 2021.

“WHO DRUGGED A PLAYER’S DRINK AT MGM MANSION BAR DECEMBER 10, 2021,” can be read on the billboards.

The billboards allude to a federal lawsuit filed in November 2022 by Dwight Manley, a Southern California real estate developer and former sports agent who claims he was drugged with Ketamine while playing blackjack in the high-limit area of the MGM casino.

Due to the effects of the Ketamine, Manley “was so disoriented that he left $500,000 in gaming chips on the blackjack table” and was extended $3.5 million in casino credits without his knowledge, according to the complaint filed in the District of Nevada.

Manley hired De Becker Investigations, a private investigation and consulting firm in Las Vegas, to look into his case, Hal de Becker, III, the firm’s president, told USA TODAY.

“(Manley) is paying for the billboards,” de Becker said. “He’s got about 14 of them around town displaying the same signage for a $1 million reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person that drugged him in MGM.”

The billboards have been up for a week, according to de Becker.

1 Million Reward

Photo above shows a billboard in Las Vegas, Nevada offering $1 million for anyone with information leading to the arrest or conviction of the person who drugged Southern California real estate developer Dwight Manley at MGM Grand on Dec. 10, 2021.”

How was Dwight Manley drugged?

Manley had traveled to Las Vegas on Dec. 10, 2021, with his girlfriend and a few friends to enter a poker tournament being held at MGM, the complaint says. Once he sat down at the blackjack table, he drank an Old Fashioned cocktail and eventually began to feel disoriented, the file continued.

How to claim the $1 million reward?

People who visit the website displayed on the billboard will see more information about the reward, including how to claim it.

Anyone with information or tips can email De Becker Investigations, according to the website.

“We’re intercepting the inquiries that come in,” de Becker said regarding his firm’s role. “We’re getting a lot of them.”

The individual submitting the information must agree to 15 conditions listed on the website, such as allowing LVReward LLC to reserve the right “to cancel, suspend or modify the terms of this offer before a reward is earned.” LVReward LLC is an LLC that Manley and the firm are using for the reward, according to de Becker.