Domestic Investigations

In a world filled with many secrets, discovering hidden truths can be an important step to maintaining healthy relationships. Although these truths may at times be emotionally difficult, they are often the precursor to professional help that can often strengthen and/or rebuild damaged relationships. De Becker Investigations provide discrete services, where even the most sensitive aspects of life can be uncovered with professional and confidential dignity. The sheer range of services that we offer within the scope of domestic investigations is impressive. The only common denominator involves a relationship between two or more individuals – the nature of the relationships are as diverse as the people engaged in them.

Romance is an important part of everyone’s life. Unfortunately, trust can be hard to establish sometimes. Rather than wonder, “what if…” it is important for individual peace of mind to have a sense of trust with your significant other – no matter what stage the relationship is in. Adultery is certainly the most common problem that couples face. Far too often bad relationships thrive and promising relationships suffer, simply due to ignorance. Establishing and communicating the truth sometimes hurts emotionally, but valuable time that can be used to both cope and start new, or conversely to rebuild trust, is wasted every day that relationships with secrets continue to exist.

De Becker Investigations also encourages having a foundation of trust within families and professional relationships as well. Domestic investigations may unravel problematic behaviors, such as substance abuse, that are not only destructive to the individual, but survive only through a never-ending cycle of lies. Discovering that a teenage child is experimenting with hard drugs, despite it’s emotional toll, may very well be the first step towards professional help. Families and employers can both gain from bringing the denial of substance abuse out of the darkness. Just as intimate relationships may be restored through truth, personal health problems can also be identified, allowing any additional interventions to take place. Additionally, investing in DBI services – especially important for employers that may have suspicions regarding potentially promising employees can save company time and money. De Becker Investigations can help determine if a person meets your specific professional and moral standards. Learning that a potential new hire has a large drinking problem could save a company thousands of dollars in time and energy that may have been spent training a disaster waiting to happen. Instead of giving such aforementioned disasters a chance, DBI can uncover intimate details that may prevent such problems from ever surfacing. Criminal background information, even at the federal level, can sometimes misconstrue or omit relevant information to employers due to legal loopholes and expunged records. Although detailed information within sealed records are officially closed to investigation, DBI can demonstrate, in great detail, an individual’s moral fiber – an important caveat missing from any other sources of supposed background information. DBI has the experience, skills, and resources necessary to be able to present a true portrayal of an individual, without the censored charade that any resume or background check can all too often disguise.

Although adulterous affairs comprise the majority of domestic investigation requests, our service can provide a much larger scope of knowledge for spouses, parents, and professionals that need answers to concerns or suspicions. The all-to-common affair does unfortunately demonstrate the typical origin of most breaches of trust: lust. At DBI we have come to realize that lust is a nothing more than a specific term to describe a variety of temptation. Whether it is sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, theft, etc., temptation can have many faces. Using the utmost discretion, without compromising attention to detail, DBI provides an increasingly necessary service for a fast paced world that lacks the time or commitment to track down even the best-kept secrets.