What Las Vegas Private Detectives Want You To Know

Las Vegas private detectives form an important part of the justice system, often working with police, government agencies, lawyers, or ordinary citizens to uncover information that these parties don’t have the time, skill, or authority to find out for themselves. In general, a private investigator works strictly with civilians while a private detective has the skills and legal understanding necessary to work as a member of the police force as well.


A private detective is a person that is licensed to conduct surveillance and research into other people, as well as authorized to look into criminal matters by the courts. Much like some lawyers are trained to deal with civil cases only, and others can do both civil and criminal cases, private detectives are able to work on both as well. Most often, these professionals are hired by individuals seeking divorce, child custody, or an alimony modification; or by lawyers who are seeking information on a criminal case that the police don’t have the manpower or time to obtain on their own.

Why to Hire a Las Vegas private detective

Las Vegas private detectives spend years learning all of the tactics and skills they need to discern patterns, find people, and observe behavior that other people can’t. Furthermore, they know exactly what the legal boundaries are for their investigations, and are very careful not to cross them. They are also experts in the art of staying objective: often, a client may know a significant amount about the situation they need investigated, but they are too emotionally involved to see things like a judge or lawyer will. They need the detective’s objective eyes to be certain they’ve acquired a complete set of evidence to bring to court.

Worth The Price

You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars to hire a good Las Vegas private detective. Out in the more rural areas, such a service may come cheaper, but in the city, you’re dealing with people that are the best at what they do. If you really need to get the truth, there’s no better hire. That said, there are always scammers and frauds, so do your research. If nothing else, ask an attorney for a reference — particularly a family court attorney. It will be worth your time.

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