Working With Las Vegas Private Investigators

Las Vegas private investigators — they’re people that you hope you never need. But if you do, you’ll be grateful that they are here for you. Private investigation is a tricky jumble of art, science, instinct, and observation. As the client, you know what you want, but you don’t necessarily know the best way to get it. That’s why it’s helpful if you know how to work with your Las Vegas private investigator to allow him to most efficiently find the information you need. Here are some basic tips to help you do just that.

Don’t change your routine. Whoever you’re investigating, whether it’s a spouse, a boss, or someone else, if you do anything different, you risk tipping them off. Act like absolutely nothing has changed.

Don’t tell anyone you’ve hired a PI. The fewer people that know about your investigation, the better. You never know who will tell your target. It’s natural to want to talk, but literally every person you tell risks the integrity of your case.

No matter what the findings, don’t confront anyone without first talking to a lawyer. The best laid cases can fall apart in an instant if you go to your target and tell them what you’ve learned without a lawyer present. Emotions get heated, and one or both of you is likely to ring a bell that can’t be unrung.

Communicate everything you learn with your PI. You never know which facts are going to be the ones that make a scenario ‘click’. Also, if you learn something about what your target is planning to do or where they’re planning to be, you may be giving your investigator a good chance to do some observation and information gathering.

Be patient and be realistic. Some cases take a long time to come to fruition; don’t expect a miracle. Certain Las Vegas laws make some kinds of cases — for example, termination of alimony cases — take a much longer time than they otherwise might, as well.

Make sure your detective and your lawyer can work together professionally. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you get a lawyer and a detective that have bad history together, and that can really put the strain on your case. Ask whichever you’ve hired first about the other to make sure you don’t end up in this awkward situation.

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